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For pretty much my entire life, I've been intrigued by computer programming. Consider typing. People type all the time: into emails, digital calendars, documents. We login to websites, fill out forms, peruse social media, text each other. Authors write books and plays in documents that started out blank. But the typing that programmers do is particularly special, as we can watch our creations come alive. And all the aforementioned typing? Programmers made it possible. In a way, we type so that everyone else can type.

As idealist as it sounds, this is the pursuit I've dedicated my life to: dream big, act, and watch the fruit of my toils ripen. I've created this site to share some of my love for creation with the world. Programming is all about solving problems and meeting a need. How can we, as people, create better solutions for the problems we face? How can we teach computers to solve problems on their own? Those are the questions I hope this site helps to answer.

Fire and flamingos. Flamingo comes from the Portuguese/Spanish word "flamengo," meaning "flame-colored." If it isn't clear yet, fieryflamingo.com is a site born from a burning passion. Is the name a bit redundant? Sure, but it's memorable. Why a flamingo? Why not!

Sincerely, FF